• STAFF ART SHOW. One cumulus cloud touching sloping hills reflected in a stream. Artwork by Hana Omiya.
  • STAFF ART SHOW. A small, colorful bird looks at the camera from the branch of a dogwood tree. Artwork by Jason Barcus.
  • STAFF ART SHOW. Watercolor painting of 1727 and 1737 Cambridge Street with GSD and Memorial Hall tower. Artwork by Clare Putnam.
  • STAFF ART SHOW. Digital illustration of starship chase. Artwork by Roel Torres.
  • STAFF ART SHOW. An impressionist style collage of a cottage atop a seaside cliff in summer with the ocean and small sailboats in the background. Artwork by Nina Parrott.
  • STAFF ART SHOW. 6 miniature leather design bindings representing the published works to date of Drew Faust. Artwork by Ann McLain.
  • STAFF ART SHOW. Antique suzani embroidery used as part of a reupholstering project on a settee, with taupe/gold strie velvet used on the body of the piece. Artwork by Andrea Martinez.

The 2022 Harvard Staff Art Show celebrates the creative work of the Harvard University staff through an online exhibition and in-person shows across the University.

The Virtual Harvard Staff Art Show will open on February 1, 2022, with in-person shows following in Spring 2022.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 4:00-5:00pm ET

Join us for the launch of the Virtual Harvard Staff Art Show! This show spotlights the creative endeavors of staff across the University, with over 260 artworks by over 150 artists from almost every Harvard School and unit. 

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Five in-person shows are currently scheduled around the University.

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